Thanks for visiting the website! It does mean the world to me that you are here. I feel very blessed to get to do what I love, with or without the TV cameras so thank you all for allowing me to do both. ( Don’t worry there are no cameras here)

I could start with a song or a 3rd person written bio but truth be told it is just me writing both, so lets keep it simple. I am a : Dad, Carpenter, Contractor, Designer ( but only what I like), Lover of Old houses, Big Ham, Detail oriented, enjoy making sawdust, Love ice cream, Dunkin Donuts Coffee, Reese’s peanut butter cups & Family. I have always found immense peace when working in my barn building furniture, it gives me purpose. I wish I could explain it but you will just have to believe me and take my word for it. I know Hard work does pay off and you get out, only what you put in. My father told me one thing that rings true. Everything you touch you sign, maybe not physically but your name is represented in everything you do so make it count and make it live long past your last breathe, creating a legacy…….

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From a very young age, Jeff began building and creating with tools and scraps of just about anything he could get his hands on. “I have always tinkered. I spent most of my early days breaking things. Now my days are filled with fixing them. Funny how things work out!”

Jeff’s professional foray into carpentry began over Twenty years ago as an apprentice for an historic home remodeler, where he honed his skills in the trade and gained a deep appreciation for the character, craftsmanship and beauty of historic dwellings. This blooming passion for designing, creating and building things, is what led Jeff to his chosen career path.

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